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OJT Program
OJT programs can take several forms. For some trainers, “on-the-job-training” means a total lack of a formal training program. The term unstructured OJT often refers to a trial-by-fire method of job training where people are forced to learn a job on their own, receiving guidance only when they make a mistake. For others, OJT is a training method where experienced employees take new employees under their wing, instructing and coaching them on how to perform their job, giving them the benefit of years of experience.
Re-entry Program
The Reintegration of Ex-Offenders - Adult Program is designed to strengthen urban communities through an employment-centered program that incorporates mentoring, job training, and other comprehensive transitional services. This program seeks to reduce recidivism by helping former inmates find work when they return to their communities, as part of an overall effort to assist them with a successful reintegration. The program is designed to increase the likelihood of success related to employment or vocational opportunities, by assisting persons with barriers to employment find meaningful employment. The program serves South Florida residents convicted of an offense upon their release from prison or placement on probation. Persons within 90 days of release from incarceration are eligible for participation.
Pathways Program
The purpose of this program is to provide employment readiness and vocational training resulting in labor market informed vocational certifications, case management, support services, and job placement assistance to 85 economically disadvantaged individuals and families in Broward County annually. This program will provide the necessary training and comprehensive support services for participants to create, map, and advance along a career pathway toward self-efficacy, self-sufficiency and successful integration into the workforce and society. This program will strengthen families and the community by building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals to find and sustain jobs and access services that support financial independence and family stability, thus promoting a safer and more economically viable community.
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