The employment services unit operates as a talent management resource for meeting the needs of employers, small businesses and jobseekers. We have established meaningful relationships with the following company partners:
Royal Caribbean, Target, QMed, Integral Resources, Mr. Wireman, Boston Market, Global Response, Teleperformance, Macys, Florida Beauty Flora, (photos)
Resource for Businesses
  • Provider of Administrative Service Organization (ASO) support to include but not limited to:
    • Pre-Employment Services
    • Talent Management
    • Retention
  • Connecting businesses with appropriate state, federal and local incentives for hiring and retaining staff
  • Broker existing business relationships to create a “shared community vision” to assist in empowering underprivileged, unemployed and underemployed community residents
Federal Bonding – Unique tool to help an applicant (ex-offender, substance abuse, poor credit records and bankruptcy, lacking work history, dishonorably discharged from military, anyone who needs a bond to get a job, promotion, or keep from getting laid off.
Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) – federal income tax credit that provides incentives to private and for-profit employers to encourage the hiring of individuals from certain targeted groups of jobseekers who traditionally have difficulty finding employment.