Volunteers make an extraordinary impact on OIC's students and their families.
Working with Students
  • Tutor students. Some students need extra support in specific areas.
  • Mentoring. Almost all OIC students face daunting barriers to achieving a better life for themselves and their families. Mentors guide students through challenging times in their lives and offer advice.
  • Assist teachers in class instruction.
Working with Staff
  • Help maintain OIC records, such as its aggregation report and Performance Statistics and maintain student files.
  • Assist with receptionist duties, such as welcoming visitors and answering calls – often OIC’s first contact with students and partners.
  • Help staff enhance relationships with OIC’s partners.
  • Register to be an employer partner to increase access to employment opportunities for our graduates
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work Experiences/Internships
  • Industry Partners – Join Our Industry Advisory Council
  • Build Connections With Community Resources
  • Leveraged Resources
  • Evaluative Support
Developing Resources
  • Assist in activity related to the Annual events and fundraiser.
  • Assist in preparing grant proposals and in making solicitations.
  • Recommend new board members and assist in board recruitment.
Special Opportunities
  • Support OIC’s by being a guest speaker, assisting coaches, providing meals and snacks, and telling parents about OIC’s programs and classes.
Wish List
    • Support our youth programs by sponsoring a youth leader
    • Transportation continues to be a challenge for our youth and adult participants – OIC is seeking - 2  passenger vans, 4 busses