What is YouthBuild?
YouthBuild is a comprehensive youth/young adult community strengthening, education and workforce development program that addresses core issues facing low-income community residents which include:
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Crime prevention
  • Leadership development
The OIC of South Florida (OIC-SFL) YouthBuild program engages young adults between the ages of 17-24 and provides alternative education and employment pathways through strategic career development planning. The YB program assists training participants with obtaining a HS Diploma or GED while advancing toward either post-secondary education, employment or entrance into the armed services.
How does the YouthBuild program work?
The OIC-SFL YouthBuild Program is an active 52 week (12 month) program that is divided into 3 distinct phases:
PHASE I:  Weeks 1-26
  • Phase I will focus on the educational aspect of the program while simultaneously providing hands-on-training through Habitat for Humanity Broward. Trainees will complete Leadership Development Training and be provided an introduction to service learning projects.
PHASE II: Weeks 26-39
  • Phase II will provide continual service learning and leadership development while infusing cultural and diversity programming, community service, career counseling and placement, on-the-job training (OJT)/internship/apprenticeship or post-secondary education placement options in preparation for program exit.
PHASE III:  Weeks 39-52
  • Phase III of the program focuses on providing supportive and/or wrap around services, final preparation for program graduation and participation in the OIC-SFL and YouthBuild USA alumni networks.
  • Phases II and III of the program critically concentrates on positive transition into graduate success and are structured around:
    • continuing education
    • job and career counseling
    • employment networks
    • application of life skills training