How Do I Register/Apply for YouthBuild and How Will I Be Selected to Participate in the Training Program?

All prospective YouthBuild (YB) applicants must register under the registration link. The online registration process pre-qualifies potential applicants for the YouthBuild Program. Registrants are contacted via phone every Friday to attend an open house presentation in the order in which their registrations are received.
Step 1
Open house and program application. Open House provides an overview of the YouthBuild program in addition to describing the required components, services and resources available as well as expectations and requirements of each potential trainee. Upon completion of Open House, further interested registrants complete a program application to determine final eligibility.
Step 2
Intake interview and pre-assessment screening process. During the intake interview, applicants meet one-on-one with a Case Manager to discuss education, social and employment obstacles which will later be utilized to prepare an individual development and success plan. Following the interview, applicants are scheduled to receive the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) and an employment interest profiler.
Step 3
Mental Toughness. Mental Toughness provides an opportunity for the YB staff to observe how well potential trainees interact in a team environment, show initiative, complete assignments as well as adhere to session policies and procedures. Only those applicants that have successfully completed steps 1 and 2 will be considered for Mental Toughness enrollment. Mental Toughness participants are not considered "enrolled" in the YB Training Program.
Step 4
Program Selection and Enrollment. Participants of Mental Toughness are assessed through the length of the session and are measured by a performance rubric which is shared with each recruit during the intake screening process. Mental Toughness participants that score a minimum of 70 points are accepted into the OIC-SFL YouthBuild Training Program.
Step 5
Program Orientation. The 2-week YB trainee program orientation is interactive and informative and is designed to prepare trainees for a non-traditional approach to academic studies while introducing the construction work and craft environment.