Adult Family Services

OIC of South Florida seeks to provide education, training, and support services and involvement/enrichment events for adult family members of program participants to improve their education and employability skills, increasing their ability to support their youth in pursuit of educational and professional goals. Working in collaborative partnership with each school, OICSFL will provide monthly workshops/events on Healthy Relationships; Parenting & Communication; Navigating the School System; and Preparing for the Future (College/Career Prep, Financial Aid).  OICSFL will also engage family members of participants to be representatives on the OICSFL Youth Advisory Committee. Joint adult/youth community service projects will be offered to foster positive youth / adult relationships and community involvement.
Parent/Guardian Engagement: OIC will host monthly Parent /Family Engagement Events. The main educational / informational events include:
  1. Parenting Tomorrows Leaders Workshop
  2. Effective Parenting Resource Fair
  3. Workforce Engagement Seminar
  4. OIC ALL A’s Career Engagement Event