OIC-SFL Graduation

OIC Graduation - Part of the OIC Experience
Graduation has been a time honored tradition dating back to the 12th Century that signifies the achievement of a level of study.  It is a rite of passage, a mark of achievement and moving on to another level of a person’s life.  It is a significant milestone, one that many in our community like to share with their loved ones.
OIC of South Florida holds a graduation ceremony each year for the participants of OIC programs that have completed their course of study throughout the year. This is a crowning achievement for many in our community. One that is witnessed by many members of our South Florida neighborhood and beyond; reaching out to dignitaries in the political arena, local and state government, stakeholders in the community and our peers.
The graduation ceremony takes place at the prestigious Broward Center for the Performing Arts - Amaturo Theatre in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.  
Congratulations to ALL the OIC Graduates!