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21st Century CCLC / Club 21

OIC of South Florida works with youth, families, schools, and community partners to implement positive youth developmentprogramming.  OIC’s “All A’s” Model supports students’ academic achievement and personal development. This model heightens youth Awareness of how academic achievement will enable them to reach future goals and career aspirations, shows them how to Access resources and opportunities, guides them in creating and implementing an Action plan, and supports their efforts to pursue and Achieve their goals.  
Core Program Components: Academic support & enrichment; tutoring; physical, character, and art education; entrepreneurial and public speaking training; service learning; and family support and skill building.
All A’s Clubs promote improved performance in reading & language arts, science & math; improved study, research, critical thinking, and problem solving skills; increased awareness of career and post-secondary education options; and increased ability to set and pursue goals. 
By providing services in a “club” setting, students will be active in club establishment and implementation and engaged as members, decision-makers, and leaders. Students will select fellow members to represent them at the OIC Youth Advisory, ensuring they have a voice in 
Club 21 is an after school space for you to have fun and get work done. You can find more infomation about what is going on at each school by clicking the buttons below.