Use Your Mind, Not Your Body

 Use Your Mind Not Your Body Teen Pregnancy Prevention Conference 

Saturday, August 24th at the Signature Grand, in Davie, Fl.


We are proud to have been able to bring over 400 teens, parents and community stakeholders together along with an awesome collection of speakers focused on: 
•    Raising youth aspirations through education, career and future focus,
•    Providing family strengthening tools by engaging and equipping our parents with knowledge, skills and attitudes which      can nurture and support the positive development of our youth,
•    Increasing awareness and providing strategies to build and maintain healthy relationships,
•    Strategies for developing positive self-images amongst youth and parents,
•    The impact of media on youth behavior and values
•    Adolescent brain development and its effect on decision making.  

OICSFL launched and with conference attendees collectively championed the message, "Use Your  Mind Not Your Body" Decision R 4 Ever... We addressed the issues of teen pregnancy, STD/STI, and HIV/AIDS amongst our youth, particularly the impact these can have on derailing personal goals and envisioned careers.
 A core highlight of this event was the diverse representation of youth from across South Florida who played a vital role in the discussion and overall impact of this conference.  

The Use Your Mind Think Tank, led by Sue Gallagher, Director of Research, Analysis, and Planning at the Children's Services Council of Broward County provided stakeholders and youth with an opportunity to discuss issues, identify solutions, review best practices and offer actions steps that collectively we can undertake to strengthen our community, ultimately serving to increase protective factors and reduce the risk factors that too often impact our youth. 


➢    Strengthening alliances with existing initiatives around the issues
➢    Holding a stakeholder think tank breakfast - date to be announced
➢    On-going social media campaign focused on solutions
➢    Fund development and sustainability planning to keep the initiative alive until we achieve sustainable solutions for these issues
➢    Ongoing building  and development of youth leaders/ambassadors championing this message
We look forward to connecting with you to be part of this process.  Please share how you would like to be involved as we move forward with steadfast urgency.

 Thank you again for being part of such a wonderful conference experience. There is nothing more powerful than when communities come together to exchange, share, learn, and derive solutions. Great conferences are created by the active participation of the people who attend. This was a GREAT Conference!