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Higher education is a crucial pathway to social and economic mobility. There

continues to be disparity in the number of undergraduate students from low

income households who enroll in public universities. The 2016-2017 forecast published

by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity cites the top occupations and

job opportunities in our state to be in careers best entered through vocational

education or apprenticeship. Employment and opportunities in the construction

trades, medical, and technical fields have been in the top 10 occupations for multiple

years. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years and there is a shortage

of applicants to fill those positions. While all of these opportunities are available, too

many of our students graduate high school without a clear plan for what happens

the day after their graduation ceremony. Our young people are missing a direct

link to take steps toward their next move. This event will provide direct contact with

affordable institutions needed for our students to take immediate action.

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