Fed. Bonding Program 50th

FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016 - in Washington DC, the Department of Labor hosted the 50th Anniversary of the Federal Bonding Program (FBP)

Watch OIC-SFL President & CEO, Newton Sanon,
at the US Department of Labor 
on Friday, April 29th.

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From Left: OIC-SFL Board Chair, W. George Allen; Congressman John Lewis; OIC-SFL President & CEO, Newton Sanon; OIC-SFL Board Member (and former student) Willard Bryant

The national impact of Reentry initiatives was highlighted during National Reentry Week.

This event celebrated 50 years of the federal bonding program and recognized trailblazers in the field and also shared promising practices for promoting bonds. OIC of South Florida has been funded by the Department of Labor to provide reentry services since 2005 and participated on a panel with employers, successful participants, and state bonding coordinators who implement the program in the field to share the impact of this work.

The OIC of South Florida delegation included: President & CEO-Newton Sanon; Employers - Charles Maymon, Regional CEO of American Ambulance, Mary Therese Albin, Payroll and Risk Manager of American Ambulance.  Joining them as well was, OIC student alumni - Carla Hepburn, a single mother who after 6 years of incarceration is getting her life on track. Now gainfully employed at a manager at a local restaurant, she is currently placed in the management training program and has enrolled at Miami Dade College to obtain an Associate Degree in Business Administration and OIC Alumni Quinton Washington- 2008 White House office of Faith and Community Initiatives, Honor of Hope honoree. 

In 2008, heralded for its Prison Reentry Initiative Work, OIC was selected as the honoree for the Honor of Hope Award representing the state ofFlorida, in recognition of its work with ex-offenders; an award presented by the White House Office of Faith and Community Initiatives. Combining workplace and personal development skills, participants leave the program better prepared to function in today's society, equipped with tools essential for success in life and work. Recognized as Employer of the Year, local employer American Ambulance commended OIC for its work and the quality of employees produced through the program; so impressed in fact, the company pledged three paramedic training scholarships to OIC participants.

The longevity of this investment demonstrates impact that can be made when the doors of opportunity are open to our returning citizens and they are equipped to realize a career pathway.

  • Quinton Washington - Employed with American Ambulance since 2007 in the capacity of a driver, completed CPR certification & paramedic licenses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Scholarship Recipient, Walter Sanders - Employed with American Ambulance for 6 years (2007 -2013), currently employed with The House of Hope in the capacity of Peer-to-Peer Counselor & conducts Group Session. Walter is currently enrolled in college working towards his Physical Therapist degree which is being paid by his current employer.                                                                                                                                         
  • Scholarship Recipient, Shane Harvey - Employed with American Ambulance since 2007.

During National Reentry Week, this event and many others across the county shone light on the great work being done in reentry and helped identify opportunities for improvement of reentry services nationwide.


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