Re-entry Services RFP

The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to seek qualified companies who can provide comprehensive program implementation and performance management services that support OIC-SFL’s adult re-entry program in Broward County.
OIC is seeking a a partner to collaborate with us on performance management and program fidelity to meet organizational and grantor benchmarks for re-entry programming. The selected vendor will provide training and serve as fidelity auditor to provide OIC a better understanding of the populations we serve and how to serve them; and help OIC identify areas to improve our reach, maximize limited resources and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of programming.
Specific needs include:

 Assist with the implementation of evidence-based programs and practices and confirm program fidelity.

 Specify the performance measurement system, including development of a training and monitoring plan and oversee implementation of such plan through bi-weekly technical assistance and training.

 Work with OIC to conduct weekly audits of data entered by OIC in the DOL MIS system. Host weekly meetings with OIC to discuss performance and program fidelity.

 Produce management reports and brief OIC management staff on project success and challenges.

 Produce funder quarterly reports on outputs and outcomes.

 Develop a recommended training plan, present suggested plans to OIC and assist in scheduling staff training to ensure quality and frequency of trainings.

 Provide training and technical assistance to ensure all OIC project staff are well trained in the use of the DOL MIS system and any survey tools used in the performance measurement system. Provide one-on-one technical assistance to OIC to ensure smooth implementation

 Monitor key performance indicators by program and participant, alert management when indicators demonstrate lack of program fidelity, and suggest improvements. Review and analyze available program data monthly and provide recommendations for program and quality improvement.