To expand and enhance substance abuse treatment and related recovery and reentry services to sentenced adult offenders returning BC from incarceration for criminal offenses; 2) to treat clients using evidence-based practices from the fields of behavioral health, criminal justice and workforce development; 3) to provide access to HIV and Viral Hepatitis testing and treatment; and 4) to implement an Opioid Overdose Prevention Plan for BC.
Adult offenders 18 years of age and older, under the jurisdiction of the FL Department Corrections or Broward County Sheriff’s Office criminal justice system.
· 18 years and older
· Must reside in Broward County
· Have been sentenced to incarceration as adults 
· Have been assessed as having a substance use disorder (SUD) or
co-occurring disorder (COD)
· Have been sentenced to and will have served a minimum of
3 months incarceration
· Will be released from incarceration to BC within four months of the
referral date to OIC.