Family Strengthening

At the core of our services is building protective factors that can diminish the potential impact of an array of risk factors, while strengthening the capacity  of  youth  and  families  to  make  informed  decisions  when  faced  with adverse situations.
According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is critical to engage parents in their children’s school life and is considered a promising protective factor. There is research that demonstrates parent engagement in schools is closely linked to better student behavior, higher academic achievement, and enhanced social skills. Parent engagement also makes it more likely that children and adolescents will avoid unhealthy behaviors, such as sexual risk behaviors and tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use.
All Youth and Family programs provide parent engagement that connects families to local agencies, provides valuable information, brings in local area experts and showcases youth talent. In addition, interested adult family members looking for assistance with securing employment, obtaining an industry recognized certification, earning college credits and increasing their opportunities for career advancement are referred to our adult workforce programs.
If you are interested in receiving more information or dates of upcoming family engagement events please contact Robyn McLymont, Director of Youth and Family Services
Phone: (954) 563.3535


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