All A's

OIC of South Florida has crafted a programmatic framework, labeled All A’s, aimed at providing career development, career guidance and addressing educational underachievement amongst students in grades 6-12.This multifaceted career development and positive youth development program assesses students’ innate abilities and interests, provides an array of academic and educational system navigational supports that serve to heighten AWARENESS of the array of career pathways that are available in the workforce. All A’s, coaches student learners in creating a plan to attain the education and training needed for their chosen career pathway; ultimately leading them to a greater sense of purpose and preparedness for arguably one of the most important decisions they will face, “What do I want to be when I grow up!” 
  • Awareness  consciousness of your vast personal, educational and career pathway opportunities which are available now and in the future!
  • Access – understanding the requirements for tapping into your opportunities and proactively connecting with existing community resources!
  • Action – choosing to take intentional steps to achieve your goals while demonstrating resiliency in the face of challenges, deciding to remain focused on possibility!
  • Achievement – persisting until you attain personal success, your educational and career goals as aligned with your purposeful dream!
The program design reflects over 13 years of OIC organizational experience working with challenged students, incorporating best practices and current research relative to resiliency in the face of complex risk factors. The goal is to build resiliency skills, positive identity and self-esteem through this comprehensive positive youth development program. All A’s is a tool that seeks to reduce risky behaviors among middle and high school youth that can adversely impact their futures. Participants will develop resiliency skills through their involvement in the varied activities; participants will demonstrate positive attitudinal change regarding school, their peers, and parents, and will have increased their self-esteem, career and personal leadership development as measured through pre and post survey.
The All A’s Initiative structure is fully aligned with the NATIONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT GUIDELINES. National career development guidelines help students; teachers and counselors identify tasks and competencies needed at each level of education and lifetime developmental growth.
The All A’s program addresses the four broad competency areas involved in the career development process: (1) self-knowledge and self-awareness, (2) educational and occupational exploration, (3) decision making and career pathway planning, and (4) postsecondary access, persistence and completion.
The All A’s Model targets the following:
  • YOUTH - The All A’s Initiative targets the disconnected to average student learner (students who have a GPA below 3.0 and above 1.9). Students performing in this range typically do not receive attention because they are not considered at risk and are not high achievers. Statistics show that the lack of student engagement at this level, if left unchecked, results in failure or crisis.
  • ADULTS - OIC has identified that the All A’s Model works among adults, who are unemployed, underemployed or have challenged backgrounds.  Many of these adults benefit from a heightened AWARENESS of the emerging career options available, understanding the changes in ACCESS to opportunities in today’s workforce, benefit from a structured career pathway development process that fosters the creation of an ACTION plan; and the opportunity of a supportive training and learning environment that help them to realize ACHIEVEMENT.
How does All A’s Work: The All A’s Model is a hands on, interactive and experiential learning platform that engages all learning styles. OIC has developed multiple approaches to reaching individuals with the All A’s framework and will work with entities to customize a training model that fits. 
Currently offered across all youth programs offered by OIC.  All A’s is a foundational element in our programming approach.

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