Project PAUSE

OIC of South Florida’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention program is titled Project P.A.U.S.E.  Our goal is to help youth Prevent pregnancy and the contraction of STDs, HIV/AIDS; Achieve their academic and personal goals, Understand the risks associated with unprotected sex, and Succeed in the endeavors they undertake to Educate their community and peers.
OIC of South Florida has provided pregnancy prevention programming since 2004. Project P.A.U.S.E participants not only receive teen pregnancy and STD, HIV/AIDS prevention education, but are equipped with solid decision making skills that promote post-secondary education and career preparation. Project P.A.U.S.E prepares students for leadership roles. The Youth Leadership Council partners with local community based organizations, local government, colleges and universities and local industry in an effort to develop the skills necessary for our youth to be effective change agents. Project P.A.U.S.E encourages youth to pause before acting, pause to consider the possibilities, pause to develop a plan that supports their future and the future of their community, pause to educate themselves and those around them and pause to effectively mobilize their peers and the community around positive action. Join us and pause from the distractions around you to make a difference.