Career Pathways - Career Clusters

OIC-SFL’s offers demand driven career clusters that prepare jobseekers to provide the skills and competencies that employers require. Our aim is to align all of the organization’s workforce development efforts around priority industry sectors or “clusters” in support of a vibrant local economy.
What is an Industry Cluster?
A cluster is a geographic concentration of related employers, industry suppliers, and support institutions in a product or service field. For the purposes of workforce development, OIC-SFL’s clusters are broad industry sectors. Through extensive labor market research, OIC-SFL has initially identified  five priority industry clusters: 
  • Building and Construction Trades 
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Marine
  • Manufacturing
OIC-SFL has employed a team of workforce development and employment specialists within these five clusters to drive workforce development efforts toward meeting the skill needs within these clusters. There is growing evidence that industry clusters are an effective organizing framework for positively impacting economic and workforce development activities. More than 25 states have adopted cluster strategies as the way to do business. OIC-SFL is taking this strategy to the next level by implementing the Industry Advisory Council and sectorial/cluster approach throughout its workforce development programs.
OICSFL offers a mix of industry recognized credentials and certifications to jobseekers preparing them for employment opportunities in South Florida
Which Career Pathway Is Right for You?
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