About Workforce Development

The Employment Services division leads the expansion of OIC of South Florida’s market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships that lead to long-term career placements.
Employment Services acts as the intermediary between OIC participants, workers and employers, with the stated goal of matching the companies' needs with the participants and workers' skills and interests.
Our goal is to strengthen workforce relationships in support of an untapped labor market by communicating the skills obtain, strong dependability and laser focused worth ethic of our clients:
  • Infuse vocational training & industry certifications as a means to provide a competitive edge to a disadvantaged workforce
  • Develop active individual employment plans for career-focused employment
  • Raise awareness for the benefit of returning citizens planning and participant sustainability
    • Attend job fairs and recruitment events to engage employers for hiring returning citizens networking events, job fairs and chamber and merchant groups and committee meetings to promote  employer engagement services
    • Maintain working relationships with outside employment partners and network with professional and business groups, as well as government and community organizations (SFMA)
  • Increase access to employment opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed