Not Sure What Type of Job You Want?

Start with gathering information 35 or more job descriptions that appeal to you. It could be for two reasons; because of the employer or the job itself. Don’t eliminate jobs because of location, the salary, or whether you are actually qualified. You simply want to focus on what appeals to you. 
After collecting those job descriptions, look for commonalities. What kinds of work and organizations are you drawn to? What are the requirements for these kinds of positions? From there you can start making strategic steps on how to learn more and pursue those opportunities.
OIC will offer programs and participants services throughout all programs offered:
  • Recruitment and orientation
  • Intake, case management and mentoring/job coaching
  • Employment readiness training
  • Employment Job Placement Assistance and Career Assistance
  • Retention/Advancement
Still not sure? Let us assist you through an information session.
  • Step 1 Complete registration form to reserve your Tuesday seat
  • Step 2 Attend an Open House scheduled every Tuesday at 9:00am.
  • Step 3 Attend your training session scheduled during Open House