Vocational Skills & Certifications Offered

OIC recognizes that learners exhibit different learning styles, and enter the workforce with varied skill levels, and needs. For instance, a learner who is about to begin an apprenticeship is different from an ex-offender who is about to reenter the workforce, or a college freshman.  OIC is poised to prepare learners, so that they are able to overcome  fears related to the learning environment, and are able to earn a credential  beyond the high-school level.  Our goal is to take learners well into the middle-tier of their earning potential, through vocational certifications, and a renewed interest in their own professional development.
OIC seeks to consistently partner with industrial experts, subject matter experts, academic institutions, and other relevant entities to integrate education and training.  As we continue to evolve, we focus on local employers’ needs so we can adequately fill the middle-skills gaps, and take learners through the career pathways to leadership roles that earn them a more substantial “living” wage.
Currently, OIC offers certifications in the following areas:
  • Customer Service and Sales
  • Technology
  • Retail Management
  • Food Service and Kitchen Safety
  • General Labor, Construction & Safety
  • Manufacturing/Logistics