At OIC, one of our tenets is to “give a hand up, not a hand out” ~ therefore our entrepreneurship program is designed to assist enterprising and talented individuals to invest in themselves as a means to progressing their careers, while they build upon their passions.
As an entrepreneur, you are encouraged to explore your skill set, develop an enterprising idea, and build it into a profitable business.  This is a challenging endeavor, however at OIC, our workforce leaders are poised to connect you with the right opportunities and resources to make your dreams a reality.
This program will guide you through conceptualizing your product or service, product or service differentiation, and the steps you need to take your idea from being merely a concept, to a reality.
The purpose of this program is to educate learners in the field of entrepreneurship. You will therefore develop a concrete understanding of the basic principles of entrepreneurship through various assignments and activities. Along with the curriculum instruction, there will be a strong focus on reading comprehension and critical thinking skills as these are imperative characteristics of any business leader. You will utilize inquiry skills and analytical processes throughout the program, and collaborate with industry experts through our various partners in Broward and Dade County.
To learn more about our entrepreneurship program please contact Dr. Anita DeFoe.